Here you will find our collection of miniatures in farmhouse style.

Most furniture is designed by me, so not available anywhere else.

Our bestseller is the farmhouse-style kitchen. It is available in different colors. And you can also choose whether you want the worktop in plain wood or stained.

Of course we also have nice decorations in the farmhouse style. Think of decoration for the kitchen, plants and tableware.

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  • Baking tray silver
    Baking tray silver

    A silver baking tray.

    The dimensions are: 2,7cm high and 2,1cm wide.

    € 1,25
  • Pot small
    Pot small

    A ceramic miniature pot.

    Wide and height: 1cm.

    The pot is without a plant

    € 1,25
  • White modern mugs (2pcs)
    White modern mugs (2pcs)

    2 white miniature mugs for a dollhouse.

    The height of the mugs are 12mm.

    € 1,50
  • White bowl
    White bowl

    A white ceramic miniature bowl.

    2,2cm wide.

    € 1,75
  • Wooden bowl
    Wooden bowl

    Beautiful wooden miniature bowl.

    19mm wide.

    € 1,75
  • Rubber boots
    Rubber boots

    2 pcs rubber boots for in a dollhouse.

    Height boots: 3,5cm

    € 1,85
  • Oval oven dish
    Oval oven dish

    A oval ceramic oven dish for a dollhouse.

    3,3cm wide.

    € 1,95
  • Oven dish white
    Oven dish white

    A white tin miniature oven dish.

    Wide: 4cm

    € 1,95
  • Bread on a cutting board
    Bread on a cutting board

    Miniature bread on a cutting board with a knife.

    € 2,75
  • Deer's head white
    Deer's head white

    A white miniature deer's head for decorate the dollhouse.Widht: 4cm, height: 4cm.

    € 2,75
  • Milk can
    Milk can

    A miniature milk can.

    Height: 3,5cm

    Delivery time: 1-3 business days

    € 2,75
  • Glass jar with honey
    Glass jar with honey

    Glass jar with honey, also with spoon.

    € 2,95
  • Kettle black
    Kettle black

    A miniature kettle for a dollhouse kitchen.

    Color: black

    2cm height

    € 2,95
  • Bowl of eggs
    Bowl of eggs

    A bowl of eggs for the dollhouse kitchen.

    Wide: 2,3cm.

    € 3,25
  • Porcelain jars square
    Porcelain jars square

    3 pcs of porcelain white jars.

    Height of the jar: 1,8cm

    € 3,25
  • Bin with bell peppers
    Bin with bell peppers

    A miniature bin with bell peppers.

    Delivery time: 1-3 business days

    € 3,50
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